The premier supplier and local manufacturer of concrete roof tiles in Mpumalanga.

Established early 2016, Mpumalanga Roof Tiles opened its doors to produce top quality cement roof tiles at very competitive prices. Mpumalanga Roof Tiles started off as a Division of an already thriving business Biaton Paving but has now soon found its own feet because of the decision to sell directly to the public at the best prices. We also deliver to anywhere in the region.

We offer the popular interlocking Double Roman roof tile in a variety of colours to suit every building design, from prestigious high-end private dwellings to tight budget projects such as group housing. Bring your building plans and we can estimate the quantity of tiles & accessories that you'll require to roof your building thus making it easier for you to budget.

Our high quality concrete roof tiles are available to be delivered all over Mpumalanga, at factory prices. The tiles come in a range of colours and any combination of colours can be used to create a one of a kind unique finish on your roof.

Mpumalanga Roof Tiles cater to large local customer base comprising of contractors do-it-yourself enthusiasts and members of the public.


Why Concrete Tiles?

Concrete tiles are made from sand, water, cement and pigments, and are not fired like clay tiles, but gradually cured that makes them strong enough to be laid within a few days of manufacture, and they get stronger over time.

The energy-efficient production process and long product life cycle mean that concrete tiles have a comparatively low environmental footprint. Concrete tiles represent a roofing solution which is highly functional, ecologically sound, and also excellent value for money.